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Acoustic Guitar Case: Hard vs Soft, Make Right Choice


Acoustic Guitar Case: Keep The Instrument Safe

Acoustic guitar case is an essential accessory to keep the guitar safe when storage or travelling for music gig.

Generally, there are two types of guitar case: hard and soft (often named as gig bag). What is the difference between them? Which one you should choose? We will find the answer together in this article.

Besides, as our experience, some of our clients always require to ship the gig bag or hard case together with ordered or customized guitars. What is the best to purchase? And for some specially designed guitars, we have to customize the bag or case. What we can help? In this article, we want to take the chance to present some suggestions.

So, let's continue.

Hard Guitar Cases: Durable Protection

Hard guitar cases offer ultimate protection to keep acoustic guitars from damage of bumps, drops and rapid changes in temperature and humidity. This is the most important advantage of the hard case.

The hard case can protect a guitar from dust since it has better tightness. The dust is a worse enemy of guitar to make damage like crack. And if you are living in an area with quite dry or humid climate, hard case provides the best protection.

Normally, interior structure of the hard case can protect the structure and parts of the guitar from deformation, etc.

Commonly, hard cases of guitars are made of wood basically with leather or PVC cover. The disadvantage of this traditional hard case is its weight. The case is heavier to carry. And during air freight, it breaks sometimes. Although many professionals like to use the case, it is not so popular among others.

Today, there is another type of case which is made of heavy-duty ABS material. By injection molding process, the cost of ABS case is not so much higher than traditional one. Besides, the case is very strong, not to deform or break so easily. And because of the production technology, there are colors and styles for option. Therefore, it is preferred by more and more young players.

The third type of case is not so common as previous two types mainly due to the high cost. This type of hard guitar case has shinning and attractive appearance. Made of the toughest material that can be survived from the hardest impact. The case is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material. Very light but very tough, suitable for air freight. Frequently be used to protect high-end guitars.

Soft Case: Gig Bags that Convenient and Affordable

Soft case which is also called gig bags that is incredibly common because of its affordable cost and high practicability.

It is necessary to pay attention that gig bags won’t provide maximum protection for the guitars. But it can protect the guitar from dings and scratches, etc. And the gig bags are very light. Normally with backpack straps which is very convenient. It is a good choice to carry a guitar with for a short trip or short time storage.

The cost of gig bags is various due to the quality of material is various. But in general, they are not so expensive as hard cases. The technology and quality of sewing works frequently has great impact on the durability of the bag besides the material used. Therefore, be very careful when making the decision.

However, there are two things that easy to determine. One is the thickness of padding which is commonly made of cotton. You are able to feel it by touching, etc. Just avoid the bags that don’t have enough padding.

Another is the size. This can be measured or just consult with your supplier. If you are a player, you can go to a music store and tell the salesman the size of your guitar that he can help directly.

Hard or Soft?

Well, you may still think about which one is better, hard or soft. We are glad to suggest as following.

As mentioned, hard cases of acoustic guitar can provide complete protection, but gig bag can’t. However, gig bags are convenient for storage of short time and cross-town travelling. Thus, depends on your travelling distance and ways, gig bag may be a proper choice. Besides, if you don’t have sufficient budget for purchasing an expensive case to protect your guitar, gig bag is the only choice.

There are three main types of hard case. Wooden, ABS and glass fiber reinforced. All of them are good for storage of guitars. And the cost won’t be varied so much. But the glass fiber case is the most expensive one. Make the choice according to your own fondness and budget. Especially, if you are a professional performer or own a high-end acoustic guitar (folk or classical), hard case is strongly recommended.  Don’t mention that once the guitar is travelling cross-country or countries.

Choice of Our Clients

For guitar wholesalers, retailers, designers and factories, etc., when they make orders or custom guitars from us, hard cases or gig bags are optional.

As we have been experienced, some of the clients won’t need hard or soft cases, because they already got them on their hands; some won’t ask because they didn’t consider about this in advance; and a few didn’t require because they thought it is more convenient to purchase on their own market instead of importing from overseas.

Anyway, once you need, we have following suggestions:

  1. Don’t worry. We always check about the case when you send us your inquiries. Nothing will be missed.
  2. Hard or soft, we mainly follow your demands.
  3. Once you don’t have a clear idea about the case, we will recommend according to the guitars you are querying and the budget you want plus the case.
  4. Hard or soft, it is better to check your stock firstly before any decision. E.g.: if you have plenty of gig bag in stock, it is better to consider about hard case as a kind of compensation.
  5. We will customize the case once there is the requirement.

Please feel free to CONTACT US for your needs.