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High End Acoustic Guitar GA920C For Solo Performing

High end acoustic guitar GA920C is a full solid guitar for professional performing. The model is built with high end solid wood material.

Introduced GA body with cutaway design. As characteristics of GA body, the tone of the acoustic guitar is well balanced. Besides, the high pitch of the guitar is excellent which gives the guitar strong expressive power. And the size of body is smaller which is more convenient for holding when stand playing. Therefore, the model is better for solo finger style and accompany during concerts performing.  

    Properties of Guitar

    The designation of the model is unique. Cutaway GA body with sharp angle which is eye catching during performance. It plays outstanding high pitch, but the mid-humped tone and bass is also excellent. Thus, fits for both solo finger style and accompany performance. Besides, because of basically GA body with smaller size, it is more comfortable to hold to stand to play.

    The neck is made of Mahogany. CNC engraved to ensure the dimensional precision and the strength. Hereby, the neck can play without deformation. The whole neck and head stock is outlined with abalone inlay which magnifies the attractive appearance of the guitar. The Ebony fretboard with unique abalone inlay as decoration makes guitar eye catching.

    The top is made of solid Spruce wood of grade AAA. The strength of top is secured with 90 degree quarter sawing technology which is better for resonating. No worry about deformation, etc. And the material has better response which makes the sound more attractive.

    The back and side is used India Rosewood. Full and deep bass sound with outstanding extensibility. Thus, the tone is well balanced. Besides, rosewood with straight grain also has pleasant appreciation.  


    Main Parameter




     GA cutaway


     solid Spruce of Grade AAA

    Back and Side

     solid India Rosewood of Grade AAA




     Rosewood, abalone inlay


     Ebony with abalone inlay



    Scale Length




    Tuning Machine

     customized, gold color

    Nut and Saddle

     ox bone

    Pricing & Shipping

    For wholesale, we provide competitive pricing. And the discount is vary according to order quantity. In 1 carton, there are 6 PCS of guitars. The MOQ is 1 carton.

    We keep more than 2500 PCS of this model in stock monthly. Therefore, it enables us to deliver in a short time. Normally, the delivery will be arrange within 7 days.

    We can ship globally by sea, air, express door-to-door service, train, etc. with our shipping network.  According to the requirement or order status, we are able to choose the most cost-effective shipping method.


    If you like this model, and want to put your Logo or trade mark on it, we can do it for you.

    However, to ensure the quality, we need to rebuild new guitars instead of simple replacement by erasing existed Logo of us. So, the MOQ is 100 PCS to keep reasonable cost as we have to rebuild new ones. Besides, it normally takes 15~25 days for us to finish the building.



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