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Our story

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Boya actually is the pronunciation of two Chinese characters. Bo refers to Cypress wood which stands for being firm and tenacious and Ya means  being elegant. This reflects how we do our business. To find proper solutions no matter how difficult it is and to bring value by honest, efficient, excellent and reliable performance.
At the beginning of the year (2016) that our company was established, we were focusing on supplying guitar parts to overseas clients.
After half a year of the establishment, one of our clients (who builds around 10,000 PCS of travelling electric guitars a year in UK) asked us to help him to custom a type of acoustic guitar body for his new project.
It was an acoustic body but with narrower width and thinner height than standard. Besides, the client gave us his budget about US$30.00 per set by building 500 sets for him as start. Although there are difficulties and a lot of communication due to too many details needs to be confirmed, we accomplish this finally. 
Since then, we thought there might be other clients have the similar needs about customization. And we have firm supply chain of guitar parts. Why not to do customization to bring more value to clients? So, from then on, we have focused on customization service.
For years, we also found out that through customization, we can help our clients to save more energy and bucks instead of supplying parts alone. We feel happy that we can bring more value to our customers.
Till now, we have met a lot of difficulties and problems about  our work and cooperations, but we never give up to try our best. Additionally, we are usually inspired by our clients by their new ideas and needs. If we have made any progress, that is because our clients never give up to bring more challenge to us. And for most of time, all of us feel happy in our work. Therefore, we believe that we have made a right choice.