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    Custom Guitar Neck 

    Custom guitar neck service realizes requirements of style, length, configuration ,etc. Also, satisfy the requirement of joint style. The customization can be accomplished at a high precision for convenient assembly from clients’ side.

    Besides, the service can accelerate the productivity of clients without extra investment in additional devices and tools. And saves the cost of workers of clients. Therefore, through our efforts, saves your energy and bucks.

    Additionally, we are very flexible for customization of decorations inlays and bindings. Our clients have a wide range of material option. And the style will be according to the requirement.

    At the moment, we mainly custom acoustic guitar necks and classical necks.

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    Flexible Material & Style Option

    For the main part of neck, tone wood like Mahogany and Maple, etc., is the most commonly used material. For fretboard, usually use Indian Rosewood and Ebony. But we know that there are special demands. The option of material is very flexible since the material stock is sufficient.

    For decoration like binding and inlays, we are also flexible to satisfy the special demands.
     Material such as wood, ABS, abalone, etc. for option.
     The pattern is customizable according to the design.

    Additionally, our clients also have freedom to choose the material of nuts.
    ● Ox bone, ABS and metal material are available.
    ● Preload or just leave the slot for mounting depends on the requirement of clients.

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    Precise Shape & Size

    With CNC machines, the cutting of the neck is accurate at high level. The high precision ensures convenient assembly and satisfying the whole style of guitar.

    By programming automatic cutting machines, we meet the precision requirement of shape. Besides, the precision of the length, width and height of the neck is also satisfied. Therefore, not only convenient for assembly, but also ensures the complete quality of the guitar by giving an excellent hand feeling.

    Additionally, by automatic engraving machines, the slots for frets, nuts and inlays, etc., are precisely cut. Therefore, if preload them, it ensures the uniform of positions; if leave them blank, you won’t meet any problem when mounting. 

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