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About us

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Boya Music Instruments Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016. For years, Boya has focused on two types of business: customization and represents excellent brands of acoustic guitars.

The purpose of the customization is to reduce the pressure of production of clients. Therefore, this service fits for designers and wholesalers who have new ideas and wish to cooperate with a reliable facility to realize their brand designation and enhance their marketing. Besides, For factories who are lack of production equipment or got tension of production, our body and neck customization will greatly save the energy and cost of the clients.

On the other hand, we also represent original brands of guitars of other Chinese factories. Because we want to enhance the brand name of Chinese manufacturers. And we are very glad to make more and more players in the world can enjoy outstanding guitar performance. Based on the firm relationships, we provide competitive price for wholesaling. 

About Us
Warehouse for complete in-house production
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We have been equipped with all machines like turning, bending, grinding, painting, moulds and tools for guitar building. At the moment, we have established 3 production lines. Yearly production is around 70,000 PCS of types of guitars.

We regularly keep large quantity of almost all types of tone wood material in stock. At least, they are naturally dehydrated for one year before using. We are able to fast configure the wood according to the requirement. 

Based on firm relationship with guitar accessories factories, we are able to supply and pre-load accessories like tuning machines, pickups, etc. according to specific demands. So, save clients’ time and cost on parts purchasing and loading.


Mission & Vision adrenaline

Our mission is very simple: always support our clients with the most cost-effective guitar building solution.
We know everyone wants to be a leader in their industry. But to be a leader is not our vision. We want to be recognized as a professional service supplier of guitar customization solution of China instead of a guitar supplier. And honest, efficient, excellent and reliable is our tag.

All of our efforts is to customize guitars efficiently, reliably and affordably. 

By the way, Boya also represent other original guitar brands. The main purpose is to introduce more outstanding acoustic guitars of China origin to the world. And give people more choice.

As you can see, we just focus on one thing, guitar!